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    Libido Booster for Women – All Natural

    A woman’s sensuality can always use a little boost, as we are mostly emotional beings! I mean with all the day-to-day stress that can often times affect our overall mood, not to mention, the vibe in the bedroom. Finding ways to strike up the passion in the our relationships can be challenging at times, which could ultimately create a somber cloud in our love lives.

    So we did a little research for you and compiled a list of five natural herbs to help boost a women’s libido. Hope this helps!


    • Damiana
    • Cannabis
    • Gotulakanta
    • Schisandra
    • Shatavari


    Damiana Benefits, Uses & History: Gaia Herbs®

    Known as a natural aphrodisiac of the Maya people in Central America, Damania is a valuble aphrodisiac and general tonic that doubles as a stimulant, that’s also beneficial for slight cases of depression. Damiana has a strong scent and slight bitter taste.

    It is considered to be restorative to the reproductive organs of women, as it’s stimulating properties make it valuable when anxiety and depression happen together.


    green leafed plant
    Photo by Esteban Lopez 

    Cannabis is an aphrodisiac, Yes I said it. Although it is not widespread spoken about, I am claiming it here and now. This of course, is stemming more off of personal experience then documented studies. Somehow, I believe many of you will agree that cannabis is indeed an all natural aphrodisiac.

    There are some strains that have a natural saliva producing affect. This type also have a slightly noticeable stimulating influence while still delivering that all so relaxing affect cannabis is known to have.

    It is known that cannabis intensifies the sensation in the sexual organs for women. With that alone, I’m sure we all can expect to have a heighten orgasmic experience. I say go for the Jamaican brand. To the moon and back ladies…! hahaha.


    Gotulakanta is a thorny-red stemmed annual with bright blue flowers and small, flat, dark red seeds.

    A native plant to India, where it is commonly used for a remedy. Gokulakanta is predominately used as an aphrodisiac. It actually doubles as a diuretic and used to flush water from the body where excess fluid is retained. The aerial parts and root are typically used.


    Schisandra Vine, Eastern Prince™ - Burpee

    Schisandra is a Chinese tonic herb known for it’s restorative properties. It helps to reduce stress and increases zest for life.

    Also known as Wu Wei Zi, meaning 5-flavored herb, since the herb reputedly tastes of the 5 main elemental energies; wood, water, fire, metal, and earth. (see below)

    What Are the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine ...
    Ancient five element theory

    The berries tone the sexual organs among other organs. But most importantly, is best known as a sexual tonic for both men and women. Increasing the secretion of sexual fluids in women and, in men, it also improves sexual stamina. So ladies, this herb or better yet fruit, seems like a fun option for couples night. You know what they say, “the darker the berry – the sweeter the juice”, enjoy! 😉


    Herb of The Month: Shatavari - Asparagus racemosus

    Last but certainly not least, Shatavari also known as “Queen of herbs”, in Ayurvedic medicine, is an Indian Asparagus with fronds of needle-like leaves, tiny white flowers and purple black berries.

    It is specifically a women’s herb, aiding fertility, promoting conception, and acting as a general reproductive & sexual tonic. As an added plus, Shatavari is helpful in easing menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and poor stamina. It may also be taken to treat impotence among other things.

    Fun tidbit: “Queen of herbs” literally means “100 spouses”, indicating the herb’s ability to act as a sexual tonic and promote fertility. I’d say definitely worth researching and possibly adding to your diet?

    Anyways, these are the five herbs that I have gathered for our experimentation. Which one are you thinking about trying?

    So next time your having one of those sexy nights with your significant other and you need a little booster pick me up to set the mood right, consider trying one of these five herbs mentioned here in this article.

    And don’ t forget ladies, we need the deets! Cum back… and drop a comment share with us which ones you’ve used and how did it turn out for you. You’re sistars need to know these things. Enjoy!

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    Libido Booster for Women – All Natural

    A woman's sensuality can always use a little boost, as we are mostly emotional beings! I mean with...


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