Long Distance Boo Thang! Do long distance love relationships really work?

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A long distant love affair

With social media and lifestyle dynamics setup the way it is now, so many people from all around the world are hooking up via internet connect. Just rightfully so, I mean the average person usually spends hours per day surfing the internet and interacting with their peers through popular social apps like instagram, facebook and twitter etc. Also, more and more people are joining the fly-high clubs; visiting different geographic locations. So the chances that you might end up dating someone from a different zipcode, even a different state or country all together are pretty high these days.

All that being said, we can’t help but want to know, how successful has long-distance dating been for these couples. So we asked the question, “Do long distance love relationships really work?”

Can a genuine connection be formed between the two lovers? Or is this just a caring friendly union?? Is everyone on board taking this seriously?

Is this the new form of dating norms of our era?

My first long distance relationship

After a night of dancing fun at a local nightclub in the valley of Phoenix, I was approached by a few potentials. One of which was this young dark-skinned handsome ass man born in Nigeria, Africa. He was very charismatic and seemed to be genuine, or so I thought. *insert the side eye-side lip emoji*

Anyways, we talked for all of three months before we actually hooked up in person. During the 3 months of phone caking conversations we equally participated in, I recall him constantly reassuring me that he was taking our relationship serious and that he could easily talk to me about anything on his mind over the phone just as he would do in person. Their was no difference for him. *Here is where I insert my intuitive observations – we never really touched on anything too deep. Our conversations were very light-hearted and friendly.* Realizing this, I felt like we weren’t developing a deep connection. That is, until our fated reunion where we spent 4 days and 3 nights together having deep passionate love. We were inseparable during his visit. I guess I failed to mention he was from another state but had seasonal residence in Arizona. 

Somehow friction set in and all hell broke loose! First off, he conveniently forgot to mention that “he was in a relationship”, “they were on some funky break”, and “he was madly in love with her”, while waiting on her to “come around.” I couldn’t help but wonder why he never expressed this while over the phone yet had no issues remembering the details of their relationship – oh yeah, while expressing to me how he was falling in love with me?” 

Ha! Yeah okay. Let’s just say that it ended pretty messy. 

My next experience

Can’t say it’s really worth mentioning because it was over in 30 days flat. LOL No, really, this time I actually knew of the person for a few years even hung out few times before. I feel like the timing was just never right for us. Well, I guess it is safe to that this time wasn’t right either! 

I had just gone through this major move. I transitioned from one state to another, ending up here in Atlanta. The guy contacted me the day I was moving into my apartment – did I mention that this WAS A MAJOR MOVE? So many things went wrong- it was tough!!! *Momentary vent* Okay I’m back, so a long story short, I engaged – fell all in googly-eyed, fast n furious as usual. Couple weeks in, I noticed that we didn’t seem to have much of a bond, so I addressed the situation. He said “He didn’t know how to have/feel emotionally connected in a long-distant relationship.” Mind you know, he told me, he had a six month long-distance relationship before. Yeah, so, I can’t for the life of me figure out “how” that could be possible if you can’t feel anything for the person you “claim you love” or “don’t know how to show up in the relationship?”

Now that I think about it, my “relationships” seem more like flings and probably don’t really qualify as “real long-distance relationships.” Nonetheless, these are my short stories of the time I dealt with someone at a distant from me. I’ll go a bit further and say I am NOT in favor of developing a foundation at a distance. I believe you need to be in person, in order, to be able to build something substantial. I’ll take the old school face to face action so I can jump yo bones whenever I want to!

Once again, I digress. For me, it’s a NO. According to my experiences, long-distance relationships don’t work. However, I am not naive to think that out of all the long-distant relationships out there, none have been successful. We want to hear from you; What is your take on it? Do long distant relationships work? Share your story with us. Leave a comment below.

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