We now have openings for guest writers and internships in many different departments. We are building a creative team that will do wonder works!

So if you are a creative awesome sista [Men is you are here with us, Your welcome as well - it's just most of our readers are the ladies] and you're feeling the vibe here at MHL, then send us an emaii. Scroll down for more deets on the positions and how to submit for them.

It's Safe to Say

We are committed to building an online community of sexy sensual soulful women (MHLTribers) who share with, support and motivate each other. This is our safe intimate online space to commune with one another. If you are a mother, sister, daughter or friend, spread the word we here! Thanks for taking up space with us. Scroll down to get the scoop on how to submit your story. *** [Men if you out there let us know! Oh,Hey, boo hey!!] ***

So you have a story to tell, huh?

Well, we would like to know "What's your experience/What happened?", "How did that make you feel?", "What are some of the lessons or wisdom gained from the experience?", "What positive or negative impact did it have on your life?", "How did you recovery from it?" These are the types of questions we would like answered in your story. Yeah... that's just how deep we'd like to go with you.

So now that you have an idea of what you would like to share with us, start writing.

• A good length for editorial pitches (good topics) should be about 400-600 words and 600-900 words for personal essays (personal stories).
• Send your submissions to submissions@milkhoneylove.com
• Add a proposed title in the subject line - make it good.
• We prefer full drafts on first pitch. We need to get a feel of your writing style and potential. Also, for you aspiring & professional writers please include additional writing samples so we can see your versatility (if you are looking to join us as a guest writer here on milkhoneylove.com.

Always remember, just because the story may be emotional, "Can you smile about it now?" Also, all stories don't have to me melodramatic either. Hey we want to know about the fun stuff... the funny stuff sis! The good loving memories that lit you up!! Let's talk about it.

Whatever the case, we are here for you sistars (seastars to me 😉 )

Each template in our ever growing studio library can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly with one click. Combine them, rearrange them and customize them further as much as you desire. Welcome to the future of building with WordPress.


We are looking for dependable creative talented women (or men lol) in the areas of writing, editing, photography, fitness training, wholistic healers, love gurus, videography, graphic designing, Public Relations(PR) and creative directing. We have entry level positions available, also internships as previously stated. I mean if you’re dope, we are looking for you. We need visionaries; desired team members who share in our vision of MilkHoneyLove.com. Send us some of your material, include a short message on how you feel you are a great match for us and a few creative ideas of your contributions to our site.  Come grow, get some experience, build with a team and perfect your craft in a safe, fun, respectful environment. Fair warning: We grow together, we stay together. 

You can either use our contact form or send a detailed email regarding which position you are applying for and the necessary applicable credentials/sample work. We look forward to hearing from you!

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